April kaiser nude

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Nude Playing Flute - bisque. Nestled in the charming village of Staffelstein, Germany, Kaiser has dedicated itself to the art of defining elegance, beauty, and fine craftsmanship. Indeed, collectors, statesmen, and art lovers seek its highly valued porcelain works. Kaiser sculptures have been prized by presidents, prime ministers, and a host of dignitaries all over the world. Approximately 8 inches One of the finest in the world.

End of Nude Beach — Andrew Kaiser Photography

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During the summer I tend to avoid nude beaches for photo shoots. It is really tempting to use them all the time due to the fact that nudity is accepted and even encouraged, but I just hate being that guy who pulls out a camera while everyone around you is trying to enjoy a nice day on the beach without fear of being photographed or leered at. However on this particular day I made an exception because as one can tell in this image, there simply was no beach!!
Feel free to express your thoughts. You may request any character you desire to see in the same way as the rest of my work. If it sounds interesting to me, I'll consider it. You can find me on Twitter at twitter.