Asian maps in 1990

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Cartography of Asia

Cartography of Asia - Wikipedia

Hemisphere blank 1 : Jefferys, Thomas N. Navy VII. Benicken gez. Weiland ; in Stein gravirt v.

Chinese studies (pre- 1949): Maps and geographical sources

The cartography of Asia can refer to the representation of Asia on a map , or to depictions of the world by cartographers from Asia. Depictions of portions of Asia have existed on maps as early as the 6th century BCE, with maps being drafted to depict the Babylonian , Hellenistic Greek , and Han dynasty empires. During the Middle Ages , Muslim geographers drew maps with more accurate depictions of Southern , Western , and Central Asia , and European maps began to more frequently represent Asia's landmass. Chinese geography from this period includes more detailed portrayals of the Indian Ocean , Arabian Peninsula , and East Africa.
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