Can you have a wedding ceremony without a marriage license

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Commitment Ceremonies F.A.Q.

Commitment Ceremonies F.A.Q. — Unmarried Equality

There are many different ways for couples to commit their lives together, and one of those celebrations is called a commitment ceremony. In fact, almost 90 percent of the elopements we photograph are actually commitment ceremonies, and we want to answer any questions you might have about this type of wedding celebration. What is a commitment ceremony? Is it the same as getting married? Are we really married if we only have a commitment ceremony? Commitment ceremonies are very real marriage ceremonies, without the stress and red tape of becoming legally married on the same day you share your vows.

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

But what does it mean? What is a commitment ceremony and how does it differ from a marriage ceremony? See more of this Real Wedding shot by Veri Photography.
Couples who have commitment ceremonies should not say they are married, especially not on any official forms, and most especially not if they live in common-law states. Here are some of the most frequent questions people ask us about commitment ceremonies:. Can we do that? A few ideas you might find helpful:.