Cell phones that suck

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On a recent Saturday night my wife and I went out shopping for cell phones. I know, I know, doesn't sound like much of a date. I'm going to replace my Treo and my wife wants to replace her Motorola RAZR with something that's easier for texting. Although my wife's on Verizon. Lots of choices but still pretty frustrating.

Why do cell phones still suck for calling?

Why do cell phones still suck for calling? | Network World

Calling is probably only a small percentage of what the average smartphone is used for today, but you would think that with all the advances in mobile tech, this still critical function would have gotten better too. But just to be clear, there really is a problem. Cell phones are lousy for voice calling. The magazine reports:. Even in the best conditions, including a quiet environment and a strong wireless signal, users consistently rate voice quality lower on a cellphone than on a landline. For example, engineers at Nokia found that when they compressed voice data to 5. The problems, IEEE Spectrum reports, include handset design lousy microphones , lack of sophisticated noise canceling tech, long distances to the closest towers, and the need to transcode calls to accommodate different compression rates used by the various systems needed to complete a call.

Cell phones suck : An argument against the use of cellular technology

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