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German comics are comics written in the German language or by German-speaking creators, for the major comic markets in Germany , Austria , and Switzerland , with spill-overs into the neighboring, but lesser, comic markets of Liechtenstein , Luxembourg and German-Belgium. There continues to be a large presence of translated material in the German language market. Panini Comics holds licensing agreements to publish translated Marvel and DC Comics , among other things. The German comic has many early forerunners.

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Learning a language, any language, is hard. German comic culture is very different from the one found in America or France, for that matter. Drawn by Manfred Schmidt, Nick Knatterton is a German comic from the 50s about a private eye, sporting a Sherlockian green plaid overcoat, cap and pipe. According to the author, this comic was originally intended as a parody of the American Superman-comics. Filled with political side jabs and innuendo, Nick Knatterton is a great mirror of post-war Adenauer Germany. On this French site , you can get an idea about the narrative and illustrative style of this comic.

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May 10, German humor is kind of an acquired taste. There are actually a lot of cool comic books for adults out there.
German-language comics have come a long way since their beginnings, from classics by Wilhelm Busch and Rolf Kauka and the avant-garde of the 90s to today's graphic novels. In the meantime, the German comic landscape has been able to establish itself internationally: Barbara Yelin, Olivia Vieweg, Stefanie Wunderlich, Nora Krug, Birgit Weyhe, Jens Harder, Sascha Hommer and many more have been translated into various languages and now enjoy a broad readership outside the German-speaking world. Nevertheless, the German comic has retained its identity and makes no compromises in terms of content. Our focus is on the graphic novel scene in Germany and some of its most important authors. We take a look back at the last decades of German comic history and speak with some of the protagonists in the scene.