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For this installment of our weekly interview series, Love, Actually , about the reality of women's sex lives, we spoke with Vera a pseudonym , a married woman who unexpectedly got into swinging during a tenth-anniversary cruise. I came across a "clothing optional lifestyle takeover cruise. We assumed "lifestyle" meant BDSM. We figured we could still go, even though we didn't plan to participate.

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When I first floated the idea of an open relationship to the man who is now my husband, I had no idea what to call it. My proposal—to go outside our relationship without actually giving up on what we had—appealed to him. With both of us on board, we soon realized that—lol—we actually had no idea what we were doing. We knew we wanted to experiment sexually with others, but no one had ever admitted to me that they were non-monogamous a term I only learned many years later , so we had no choice but to stumble ahead without any labels or mentorship.

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For a growing number of couples, the key to a fulfilling sex-life is swinging; an arrangement where one or both partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others. Here, four couples explain how they got into the lifestyle, recount their hottest sexual encounters, and describe how swinging has impacted their relationship…. We were friends for about five years before we started dating, and then things moved fast.
Claire and her now-husband Eric not their real names spent about three years while they were dating going to a swingers club. Here's how it happened, according to Claire — and how she says it made their relationship stronger. We had been dating a few years and lived pretty far apart. We were in our late 30s. Neither of us had ever been married or had children, and we met up and it kind of just clicked.