Dwarf caught on camera

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The Video was uploaded by an Argentinian Youtube User named Salmones and got 2,, hits on Youtube, many people is still discussing about this. Four years ago while the mother of 2 year old baby named Benjamin videographs her son, something weird showed on the camera. She Scream and called her husband immediately and planned to live in other place. This Creature is very little and just a foot in height, this weird thing was ran in the garden and suddenly disappeared quickly.

You Won’t Believe How This Tiny Creature Caught on Camera! Oh My.. It’s Scary! See It To Believe!

"Dwende" or "Dwarf" caught on Camera ?

Just take a closer look at the video below, see it to believe. The viral video was first posted on April The video was originally captured on January but it was only later that the video was posted online for all the world to witness the undeniable fact that a tiny creature was captured on camera. The actual video of the classic paranormal phenomenon was happened on January in Santa Fe, Argentina.

“Dwende” or “Dwarf” caught on Camera ?

Menu About Contact Privacy Policy. Do you believe in these creatures from another dimension? Image source : screenshot photo from YouTube This controversial video was a cellphone recording back in You can clearly see the appearance of a tiny creature while the mother was filming his son playing. According to Silvia, the mother, this little creature came out from the kitchen to the garden to escape, leaving behind a foul smell and a slight interference to the cellphone.
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