Girl with largest vagina

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The museum is dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding vaginas. A vagina museum has opened! The vulva is the external part of your genitals consisting of the outer and inner labia, clitoris, and urethral opening. The vagina is the internal canal extending from the vulva to the cervix. Things can go in the vagina—a penis, sex toys, fingers—and things can come out—menstrual blood and babies. Just as faces can look vastly different, so can vulvas: some women have long, thin labia, others short and puffy; some vulvas are pale or pinkish, others dark purple or brown.

Biggest vagina in the world – and five other weird sex world records

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I feel like the wide-set vagina chick from Mean Girls. You know the one:. An ex of mine used to make fun of the size of my vagina. I took this in silence missing a golden opportunity to mock the size of his dick which was decidedly less than average. That's fine, I still get the gift of never talking to him again so it all worked out. After all, vaginas are made to expand.

girl with the biggest vagina

It was heard in their movie, The Story Of Menstruation. Lined with ringed muscular ridges called rugae, they help it expand in length and width by up to per cent. What do vaginas and sharks have in common?
According to a report published in DailyMail, the record of the world's largest vagina is in the name of Anna Swan of Scotland Whose vagina was 19 inches in length. The doctors were also surprised to see the length of its vagina, how a normal woman's vagina can be so long.