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The simplest and most instantly effective solution is to erect a barrier that will prevent local dogs from accessing your land. Your first option is to put up a fence around your garden. Once in place, unless the dogs are particularly determined to find a way in, this will resolve the issue immediately. Perhaps the biggest downside is that not everybody will be happy with having to build a fence around their property.

13 Ways to Stop Dogs From Peeing on Your Lawn

Tips to Keep Dogs From Pooping On Your Lawn | LanDesign

If you live in an urban or suburban neighborhood — which is the case for most San Diego County and Orange County homeowners — you likely have some type of easement that runs along the front of your property near the street. You may not even know that it is an easement, since this is so common that your real estate agent may not have mentioned it when you purchased your home. There are several types of easements, but for the purpose of this blog post, we are primarily talking about the very front portion of your property where there is probably a sidewalk, and then a small strip of land between the sidewalk and the street. The sidewalk, which is probably technically on your property, is most likely a right-of-way easement, which allows access to travel across your property.

Sidewalk Landscaping Guide: Curbside Easements {Ideas + Tips}

Is it deeded to the house, or does it belong to the city of Seattle? It seems that homeowners are expected to do upkeep on it, but my question is whether there are property rights to that strip? Aha, thanks for the response. I found the statute that controls here. Apparently these are owned by the city.
Have the neighborhood dogs turned your grass into a splotchy spectacle? If you put a lot of time and effort into your lawn, pooch pee can be a source of considerable frustration. While not every strategy discussed below will work with every dog, a combination of these tips should at the very least, protect your lawn to a greater degree. In other cases, it may be best to simply wait to speak with the owner later. Keep in mind that sidewalks near your home are likely public property.