I cant stop my lesbian feelings

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But in the last two months I have started to become really aware of women's bodies when I'm talking to them. Yet I love my boyfriend. Basically, when I'm talking to any woman — old or young and this includes relatives, I keep looking at their breasts. This sounds ridiculous, but it is destroying my confidence and the easy relationships I used to have with friends. I don't understand if this is sexual or not. I know I make people feel uncomfortable - I'm like a teenage boy!

I’m female, so why can't I stop looking at women?

Lesbian sexuality - Better Health Channel

There is no real explanation as to why some women are lesbians and others are not — it is just a part of who we are. It may be a result of genetic influences or because of social experiences or a combination of the two. Some people recognise their attractions at an early age, while others don't develop attractions until well into adulthood. Many young people begin to develop feelings and attractions for people of the same sex during their teenage years.

Why it's never too late to be a lesbian

If anyone has been feeling this uncomfortable emergence of feeling then please feel free to reach out and tell me your experience. I was always very emotional, very drawn to men, passionately, emotionally, physically, and the way they carried themselves and their characters. Never have I ever questioned by sexuality twice like I am now. We have talked about marriage, having a kid, etc.
F or Carren Strock, the revelation came when she was She had met her husband — "a terrific guy, very sweet" — at high school when she was 16, had been married to him for 25 years, had two dearly loved children, and what she describes as a "white-picket-fence existence" in New York. Then, one day, sitting opposite her best friend, she realised: "Oh my God. I'm in love with this woman.