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Having recently purchased a new phone I bombarded Instagram with numerous pictures and plenty of commentary as the trip progressed. This quick and dirty post is a collection of some of my better smartphone snapshots as well as an experiment in blogging with broader brushstrokes. Perhaps you will get a sense of how I travel: spontaneously, intuitively, and with a keen eye for details. This is a former Shinto shrine that was destroyed and later restored. People said we were brave to visit on a Saturday evening—and I suppose we were. By now I am somewhat oblivious to crowds and sometimes forget that not everyone feels the same.

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A Quick Trip to Jiufen and Keelung | Spectral Codex

Travelling free and easy is really the way to get in and experience the country first-hand. This is the itinerary to our 12 days free and easy trip in Taipei and Hualien. Three years ago, Married Girl and I decided to take an overdue post-marriage trip to Taiwan. If you are looking for a bit of excitement amidst what the thriving Taipei city can offer, this post might be just for you! Itinerary in brief: Our trip covers the following areas in a loop, across a days period. What to expect: This is a free and easy itinerary so you will be expected to travel by public transport!

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Taiwan is known by many names but perhaps the most memorable one is Formosa. Now that sounds a bit odd but it was in fact coined by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century. This 12 day Taiwan itinerary just short of two weeks follows our journey around the entire island and is geared towards those that have the curiosity of a tiger and the adventurous courage of a dragon.