Interactive world domination timeline

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A "theatre" of conflict is the geographic place where military events occur. The roots of World War II in Europe are found far deeper than the development of the Wehrmacht in , and linger far beyond its unconditional surrender ten years later. This timeline, however, is limited to pivotal events in that crucial decade in modern European history. Click through to learn more. Visit our interactive timeline of the Pacific Theatre to better appreciate how the conflict truly was a world war. Caryl-Sue, National Geographic Society.

Histomap: Visualizing the 4,000 Year History of Global Power

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For the past two decades, Google has been working non-stop to make our lives better and better, and, in the process, it has become not only a loyal friend, but also one of our closest confidants. But when it did launch its self-service, fully automated advertising platform Google AdWords in , it became a game changer for marketing in the digital age. Today, Google dominates U. Thankfully, Google Ads has participation trophies for all of us. Never mind that the number of similar trophies for web publishers is dropping monthly because Google and Facebook, and others, sure has vacuumed up all of their ad revenue.

For Google’s 20th Birthday, a Complete Timeline of Its Path to World Domination

In these times of turbulence and upheaval, I have often found myself turning to fiction — and particularly to alternate history. Some of these stories involve time travel to make the change, but many alternate histories are simply imagined differences. No longer merely a subculture of science fiction, alternate history has become a realm of serious research, with historians involved in the study of counterfactuals.
It would be no small task, and simply weighing the relative importance of so many great people, technological achievements, and pivotal events would be a tiny miracle in itself. While that seems like a challenge, imagine going a few steps further. Instead of a timeline for just one country, what about creating a graphical timeline showing the history of the entire world over a 4, year time period, all while having no access to computers or the internet?