Lick ya boston

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At one time or another, all Boston Terrier parents may worry that their pup is broken. You may assume his tongue is permanently an external fixture that can never go back into his mouth. Also, your Boston Terrier may be licking you for these reasons; affection, submission, feed me, taste good, obsessive-compulsive, and medical concerns. Mother dogs lick their puppies to clean them, and dogs often lick each other as a form of greeting.

Why your Boston Terrier Dog Loves to Lick You?

Why your Boston Terrier Dog Loves to Lick You?

But, why do Pugs lick so much? Pugs lick your hands, face, or legs to communicate. They also lick themselves and other dogs. There are several reasons behind this behaviour, including affection, submission, cleaning, food request, taste, a medical condition , or an instinctive response. In the canine world, licking is a way of communication and some dog breeds are more expressive than others. Licking is deep-rooted behaviour in dogs.

You Know You Have a Boston Terrier When…

We do. Do you care? Don't let them suffer. Open your heart and home to a friend for life.
Boston Terriers are one of those breeds that simply are NOT for everybody. At the same time, they are surely becoming one of the trendiest dog breeds, and often are confused with French Bulldogs they are, in fact, related to Frenchies. Bostons do things just a little bit differently. I know that my Boston Terrier, Gatsby, is the best to me.