Mow strip solutions

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My wetland has an old drain tile and ditch that drained the wetland. Mowing Strip. How big a circle of mulch do you want under your tree?. Angel Crafts. This mow strip is not only functional in keeping grass and weeds from growing directly under the fence making weed eating more.

mow strips

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Learn to install classic brick garden edging—it's easy to maintain and looks beautiful! Decorative edging is one simple element you can add to your landscaping to create a big impact aesthetically and functionally. It can… Decrease maintenance needs by holding back mulch, creat…. Visit the post for more.

Garden Mowing Strips

Snap It is a simple, economical, innovative, NZ made landscaping solution that has been designed to make it easy to create great looking mowing strips around your lawn and in your garden. The Snap It system makes it easy for anyone from DIY users to professional landscapers to quickly create the perfect mowing strip! Snap It components are very light and easy to handle. It's clean, easy to use and requires no machinery. Your mowing strips shouldn't have to follow a straight line.
Various types of edging within landscapes separate turf from flowerbeds, gardens or walkways. They may contain or exclude soil, spreading groundcovers and mulch, allow foot or mower traffic and contribute to the overall appearance of the yard. Additionally, certain types of edging can serve as a mowing strip that will allow the wheels on one side of the mower to ride on the material's surface, eliminating the need for additional trimming along the edge of the lawn. Brick, pavers and flat, thick stones can create a fairly durable and attractive edging or mow strip.