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We provide the first estimates of gender income and land inequality in Chile during the first decades after independence, when Chile was a predominantly agrarian society. We have used a new source: the records of the first agricultural censuses ever made for any Latin American republic. On the positive side, we found that female landownership was more widespread than has previously been assumed by Chilean historians, although it was declining in relative terms. We have also identified the main elite women agrarian entrepreneurs, finding that one of the biggest landowners of this period was a woman, who has been ignored in the historiography. Inequality has been at the centre of the global political debate during the last two decades.

2 spring breakers drugged, raped woman, then partied, cops say. She died in South Beach hotel.

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Two North Carolina men visiting South Beach have been arrested and accused of drugging and raping a woman who later died in her hotel room, police say. Investigators are trying to determine whether the woman died of an overdose, possibly from a pill the men supplied. The arrests come as Miami Beach police and city officials have been grappling with the overwhelming spring break crowds, instituting an 8 p. In recent weeks, South Beach has seen brawls, crowd stampedes and police confrontations involving the use of pepper balls. Miami Beach police have made over 1, arrests since February and at least five officers have been hurt on the job, according to the department. The charges Collier and Taylor face are far more serious: burglary with battery, sexual battery, petty theft and the fraudulent use of a credit card.

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Ethnic differences in physiological processes related to insulin sensitivity and secretion, and age-related changes in these processes, may play a role. To date, the underlying reason for this disproportionate burden on AA women is unknown. The greater prevalence of obesity among AA women may explain some, but not all, of the ethnic difference in the prevalence of T2D 2 , 3. It is possible that changes in insulin secretion or action with age disproportionately compromise glucose tolerance among AA. Aging is associated with declines in glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, and insulin secretion 4 , although the extent to which these changes are due to adiposity is not clear.