Pantyhose embarrassment men

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You make your points well and I agree with you on all of it. So let me expand on my thinking to clarify:. While I agree there is a stigma for some, I also feel that most people couldn't care less about what you wear on your legs. Most people have so much going on in their own lives that spending an ounce of energy making an issue of your legs is a total waste of their time. Those who choose to ridicule must have little else in their lives to concern themselves with.

Chapter 9: Hosiery and Heels

How do you feel about guys that have a pantyhose fetish? : AskWomen

Therefore, I really had to take my own inventory when I found myself, like most, chuckling at and judging men who wear pantyhose. We as humans are funny— the last thing we ever want to be is judged or humiliated for our own personal choices yet, given the first opportunity to do it, we are happy to jump on the bandwagon to laugh at others for theirs. The way I see it, this is a form of protection— better to laugh at others than to be laughed at. I admit I was one of the laughers when I first found out that there was a group of men who wear pantyhose. Yet, that Voltaire quote kept resonating loudly in my mind and I realized I was being a tremendous hypocrite. I decided to find out more by exploring this topic on my radio show last Friday.


In the sixteenth century, it would be perfectly normal for a respectable gentleman to be seen wearing hose, as it was then known - Henry VIII was even reputed to have padded his in order to make his legs appear more masculine. Since then, however, fashions have changed, and with the odd exception such as leggings for running or cycling, hosiery has become a purely feminine affair, longer and thinner than its male counterpart. A man might wear thick, knee-high socks for playing sports, but never gossamer thin stockings that reach up to his thighs - novelty socks with humorous designs on them are about as exciting as men's hosiery ever gets, and even they're often more boyish than manly.
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