Pumpkin pie kit kat

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Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats Are Officially Back And They Will Be Your Favorite Fall Treat

We Tried Kit Kat's Seasonal Pumpkin Pie Flavor. Here's What We Thought | MyRecipes

But there is one spin on the crispy wafer bar that the U. Pumpkin pie , which Kit Kat debuted in , is available online and in stores once more. The pumpkin pie miniatures stand out against a sea of similarly flavored products, mostly because pumpkin pie translates so well to wafer form. But the casual pumpkin spice fan should be warned: These candies pack a surprising amount of flavor. The pumpkin spice-infused creme is potent, and somehow makes the miniatures seem a little creamier than normal.

We Tried Kit Kat's Seasonal Pumpkin Pie Flavor. Here's What We Thought

Update, August 11, Kit Kat has been releasing new flavors left and right, including apple pie , lemon, and birthday cake. All of those were pretty classic flavors, and now they're bringing back a fan-favorite seasonal bite: pumpkin pie Kit Kats. Although it may seem early for a pumpkin pie-flavored anything to be coming out, it looks like our supermarket shelves are already skipping straight to fall. Back in , these pumpkin pie chocolate treats were available in late August, so this is actually a pretty typical timeline for fall Kit Kats.
But never has a flavor screamed to me so much as these new and American! Really, never! First of all, the crisp wafers inside a Kit Kat are basically your graham cracker crust.