Puzzling facial rash

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EVERYONE has had the unpleasant experience of a rash on the skin — pink, red or purple, flat or bumpy, itchy, scaly, pus-filled, or just plain unsightly. Infections, allergic reactions, immune system problems and even bad reactions to medication can all manifest as a rash. This rash usually appears within two weeks of starting a new medication, as a widespread, symmetrical rash with pink-to-red spots that are flat or elevated and firm, and that might join together in patches. Most drug eruptions go away within a week once the patient stops taking the problem medication, or within several weeks in protracted cases. In the meantime, or if the drug is essential, steroid creams which reduce inflammation and emollient softening moisturisers can bring some relief. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused by direct skin contact with a substance to which the person is allergic.

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A perplexing pruritic papular rash

Red, raised and itchy patches or wheals on the body can turn up out of nowhere. Like the time they decided to embellish my neck for a good week of hot scratching and sleep-interrupting discomfort. And neither was I exposed to any food, chemical or material that I am known to be allergic to. A friend also had encounters with unexplained rashes on two separate occasions — except his were on the forearms just below the elbows. An example of rashes. Hives or urticaria may be triggered by an infection, extreme temperature, physical pressure, stress, dust or even pet dander. I thought back to my own neck rashes.

Unexplained rashes: Why do they occur and when should you see a doctor?

Five rashes, including Covid toe, are affecting some hospital patients diagnosed with Covid, a small study by Spanish doctors has found. It is not uncommon for a rash to be a symptom of a virus, such as the spots that indicate chicken pox. Rashes are not currently included in the list of symptoms of the illness. There have been many reports about "Covid toe" - a rash appearing on Covid patients' feet even in the absence of other symptoms - but lead researcher Dr Ignacio Garcia-Doval said the most common form of rash in the study was maculopapules - small, flat and raised red bumps that tend to appear on the torso. The peer-reviewed paper was published this week in the British Journal of Dermatology.
Mystery Face Rash Solved. In recent months, I have seen a definite spike in the number of patients who report puzzling skin rashes on the face and neck. Can hand sanitizers and wipes be a trigger for intermittent dry, itchy patches on the face? They may also contain fragrance—which is a leading skin allergen worldwide.