Sex with pisces man

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Email address:. The Pisces man likes to lead in bed. Being a dual sign, the man in Pisces is always in contradiction. He is in search of mysterious relationships, with women he barely knows and with whom he can fulfill all his secret fantasies, and in the meantime, he wants a deep spiritual and emotional connection. If he has been hurt by a partner, he will search for someone that can deeply connect with him and his thoughts.

Pisces Sex & Seduction

Pisces Sex Life - The Good, The Bad, The Hot!

When it comes to sex, a Pisces man can be like a chameleon. He defers to what you want instead of taking the lead. A Pisces man in bed with a Taurus woman can act different from a Pisces man in bed with a Cancer woman. A Pisces man in bed can be imaginative, resourceful, creative and exciting. However, a Pisces man in bed with a Virgo woman can be more subdued. It all depends on what he thinks you want. Figuring out what he wants can be tricky because he hides his fantasies in an effort to please you.

Pisces Man in Bed: Creative Lover

It is not surprising that you found yourself drawn to Pisces man and his creative, empathetic soul. Once you have felt that spark of attraction to him, you probably started wondering what you can expect from a Pisces man in bed. Read on to find out if Pisces man is good in bed and how to attract this zodiac sign! Do you want a man on the same emotional wavelength as you, who understands your moods and the feelings that you have trouble explaining to yourself? Then Pisces is the right kind of guy for you!
Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, and the individuals that are born under this sign have a tendency to become more interested or centered on heartfelt feelings and love more so than pure athletic sexual experiences. Yet The Duality that they have within them which is represented by their sign of two fish that are moving in complete opposite directions of each other, can switch them from letting go of their Primal instincts and becoming one of the hottest and burning, Unleashed signs of them all. The best thing that they bring to the bedroom is their affection, gentleness and their tenderness. Due to the fact that there are a water sign they bring a lot of sensitivity and deep feelings.