Sperm in the sheets

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Subscriber Account active since. Update: A previous version of this article contained quotes from an expert whose credentials are now in question. We have reached out to him for confirmation of those credentials and have not heard back. But how much do you really know about sperm?

A sperm survives 2 weeks in the sheets and gets a woman pregnant

Facts About Sperm

As with all stains the faster you treat the stain, the better the outcome, and for most fabrics washing immediately with a biological detergent will be enough to remove the semen and prevent staining. Alternatively, fresh stains are usually removed easily by rinsing with cold water. It's important to use cold water because higher temperatures can coagulate the protein in semen and set it into the fabric fibres, causing a permanent stain. If the stains are old or crusted and on any fabric other than silk or wool, remove any dry matter first with a soft brush, then steep in an enzyme-based pre-soaking agent before laundering as normal, preferably with a biological washing detergent. For both new and old stains on silk and wool, the best course of action is to make up a pre-soaking solution of water containing a detergent for delicates check the label for dosage and leave to soak before washing as normal. A good quality mattress protector will help avoid this, but if a stain has seeped through the sheets on to the mattress , the area can be spot cleaned.

How to remove semen stains

But of course, their pesky little stains do have to follow and make your life a little harder. So instead of just getting embarrassed about them, tackle them head-on and always be prepared and extra care for next time. This goes without denying, periods are the worst. They start bothering you almost a week earlier, the mood swings, sometimes cramps even and the constant anticipation of a bad time. It takes some time to get rid of them, the earlier the better.
No matter how fun the sex was, cleaning up after having a romp in the sack can be a real drag. There is nothing more annoying than a giant semen stain in the center of your mattress, or period blood splattered over your sheets like a crime scene. What in the heck are you supposed to do about these stains?