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They are hard-working, knowledgeable, and committed to acting in the best interest of all STRS members. Their primary goal is ensuring that STRS is strong and stable for the long haul. More information on each candidate appears below. Carol Correthers is an intervention specialist with over 20 years of experience in the Lorain City Schools. During this time, the funding level of the STRS pension plan has improved significantly. This makes the future benefit payments for active teachers more secure.

Mismanagement or misunderstanding? The outside audit of Ohio's teacher pension fund explained

March OEA Retirement Systems Update - Ohio Education Association

STRS is supposedly doing well but retirees haven't had a cost of living increase in years. All these investments like the stock market produce different returns and come with different risks. This fact, more than any other, is what's driving those retired teachers, said Republican Sen. Kirk Schuring, a longstanding member of the study council. From to , the pension fund cut their annual cost of living adjustments until it finally eliminated them all together. The loss forced people like Dennis to change their retirement plans. The other confusing thing is that STRS keeps lowering the amount it expects to earn — increasing the amount it owes and further delaying any return of retiree COLAs.

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The Association shall encourage individuals to improve the social and economic changes and issues relevant to their retirement. Please click here for full copy of our bylaws. Ethel Percy Andrus. A short history lesson In , when the Ohio General Assembly created the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio STRS , they had the foresight to guarantee that once established, the retirement benefit could not be reduced for the life of the recipient. First of all, they had paid very little into the system and whatever they received was much more than their predecessors had received.
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