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The Bisexual Resource Center envisions a world where love is celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression. Because bisexuals today are still misunderstood, marginalized and discriminated against, the BRC is committed to providing support to the bisexual community and raising public awareness about bisexuality and bisexual people. Some pages might be slow to load, but the site is active as of September The American Institute of Bisexuality encourages, supports and assists research and education about bisexuality, through programs likely to make a material difference and enhance public knowledge, awareness and understanding about bisexuality. We are a c 3 public charity that supports and sponsors projects likely to promote understanding and visibility about bisexuality through education, research, training, and media outreach. We promise that any personal information you provide via this page will remain safe and confidential!

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Please note the local groups, events, websites and email lists linked to here are not run by BCN magazine. We advertise them in good faith but you may want to check that meets are still happening on a given date if you will be travelling a distance to get there. Drop us a line! Web: brumbigroup. Coffee meet every 4th Sunday from pm onwards at The Warehouse Cafe. Note: website now closed down. Follow bristolbivis on twitter or see www.

The OUTstanding Top 100 LGBT+ Future Leaders 2020

Nominations were then reviewed by the OUTstanding judging panel , which scored each person on the influence of their role, their impact on staff inside and outside the workplace, and their business achievements. He is helping lead efforts to have both sexual orientation and gender identity SOGI captured in clinical trials and to ensure that the voluntary self-identification of SOGI is captured, counted and included in company diversity surveys. Shilpen also works with gPRIDE and the Chief Diversity Office to ensure engagement throughout the company at the intersections of race, ethnicity, and gender identity, and can often be seen conducting speaking engagements at healthcare events.
These are just a few of the responses I've had to confront after coming out as bisexual last year at age And it's not just me. Bierasure is the tendency to ignore and falsify evidence of bisexuality — being attracted to two or more genders — and its existence. Many of us leave our closet of safety only to be met with skepticism and denial by the very community that was supposed to accept us.