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Footage has emerged showing London mayoral candidate Brian Rose drinking his own urine. He has since deleted the post but political blog Guido Fawkes uploaded the footage to YouTube on Thursday. The former banker noted the dehydrated colour of his urine before taking a sip. After drinking he said he found it "a little salty". A second clip appears to show Mr Rose urinating into a mug which he then drinks from moments later.

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When nature calls during a dive, it calls with a dilemma. When you feel like peeing yourself, do you:. Can you pee in a wetsuit without attracting sharks? And, how do you get urine smell out of a wetsuit after taking a tinkle? Read on for some truths and tips. Not only does dehydration increase chances of decompression sickness , the body is naturally inclined to create urine when submerged in water. Extra blood is sent to the central organs, which your body interprets as a fluid overload.

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